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Angel By Victoria`s Secret 12ml CPO


For Women
Made in England
Aroma: Floral, Powdery, Woody, Fruity, Fresh spicy
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Angel By Victoria`s Secret is a playful fragrance created for confident girls. The fragrance provides modern, flirtatious accords that will capture the thrills of the Angel who got its first pair of wings. Luminous freshness is combined with modern floral notes leaving an unforgettable impression. Be an Angel! . The fragrance opens with sweet and gentle scents of apple blossom providing fruity effects with a hint of fresh freesia and violet flowers.

Angel By Victoria`s Secret is 100% pure perfume oil which will make your body smell like never before. It is made from pure ingredients, after very careful process to extract the oil from the source of the fragrance. Applying the Attar to your body rather then your cloths will stay longer and will make your surrounding more scented. Fragrance oils are heat activated so apply it on your body, specially the areas where there is thin skin like wrist, Pulse area, under the neck, etc. Blood circulation in your body will spread the scent with every heartbeat. In hot places, where your body sweat more, our Attar will stay from 5 to 7 hours and in cold areas where you sweat less, it will stay around 10 to 12 hours. Remember, your living condition effects greatly on the scent stability on your body. Also ever Attar smell a bit different from person to person because all human have different body chemistry and body odour. Also remember that our Attars are 100% pure so they will be very strong at the start but after some time when attar mixes with your body chemistry, it start giving a pleasant smell around you.

Do not Dubb the Perfume:

After applying the perfume oil on your body, don’t dubb (rub) it, it will kill the top notes of the fragrance, let it work on its own,

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Weight 300 g


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